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Robotic assistants for nursing homes


The motivation for researching and developing welfare robots resides in their wide range of applications. Firstly, they are robots designed to interact with people in everyday environments, neither controlled nor predictable. By definition, welfare robots must be able to react to unforeseen events, modulate their operation according to the environment, and adapt to new tasks,Sigue leyendo “Motivation”


– Approximately cylindrical or pedestal-shaped body. – Rounded and smooth shapes. – Height between 1,0 and 1,6 meters. – Simple expressive abilities. Spanish version

Degree of Innovation

This project has a high degree of innovation, due to the fact that it consists of the measurement of basic but necessary characteristics, such as their acceptance and usefulness, thus sketching an idea of ​​what the demands presented by users are. It has a study of the robot in the real environment and extending in time.

This is intended to end the limitations that are currently being experienced with its international application (SPARC 2015). In addition, to providing great innovation in the Andalusian healthcare sector, it is proposed to expand it to the business world due to the support of a leading company such as DomusVi. This will facilitate the transfer of results to the productive sector.

In the following link we can access the Workshop that was held in 2019, and that became the starting meeting of the project:


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